I am a Christian Constitutional Republican. I believe in the foundation that our country was built on, I’m also a Retired Businessman & Political Talk Show Host, who understands how to make things run smoothly with last minute changes will be made within Budget and without Delaying the Voting Process

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I'm Not a Career Politician and Won't Become One.

We must remove those in office who've lied to us election after election, and then move forward together to Rebuild Our Election Laws ro Restore Voters Trust

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Van's video history of interviews and speaking on his positions about Issues.

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Here’s an Oath for All Americans to take: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully , and will to the best of my ability, Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America in Our Founders Original Intent, So Help Me God.

I’m taking this opportunity to ask for Help from all in LD 22 who’ve signed and supported me now and in the past for your Help in Financing my Campaign for the AZ Senate in LD 22, I’m running as a Clean Elections Candidate and need Republicans & Independents to fill out a Clean Elections form and Donate $5 to my campaign, please contact me at 623-322-9979 and we’ll come by and have you fill out the form with the $5 Donation, to compete in what I’m certain will be a well funded Opponent who’ll have no trouble getting the money he needs from Special Interest Groups, Lobbyist, and of course the GOP Insiders.

Link to Video: https://vimeo.com/584430230/c5fb647ec7

Jean & I thank you for your past support and pray you’ll have enough Trust in me to Donate so we can accomplish the things I’ve talked about doing for yrs., however the Career Politicians I’m certain you’ve seen never have any problems getting the money they need to get Elected, so lets show them the People of AZ can & will Stand Up against Politics as Usual.

I’ve was asked to run for AZ Senate in LD 22, and I’m announcing my Candidacy for the AZ Senate in LD 22 for the 2022 Election cycle, we hope those who’ve supported me in the past will join us in this Battle to Restore AZ’s LD 22 Senate seat to someone who’d never Vote 4 The National Popular Vote as did David Livingston among other issues we’ve all had with him over the yrs., it’s time to put someone in AZ Government who understands the meaning of keeping their Oath of Office and the Duties that go along with that, once again thank you all for your past support. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

Our contact info: 623-322-9979 / cjjmvs@gmail.com, message me on FB, or go to our campaign site; https://vote4clair.com/, AZ Sec. of State Site Link to Sign my Petition to get on the Ballot: Link to Sign: https://apps.azsos.gov/apps/election/eps/op/Home/List

If you’re not certain what LD you live in the Boundaries of LD 22 are from 51st Ave. east to 210th Ave. & Bell Rd. North to Lone Mountain & West of Bell Rd. No. & So. of Bell Rd to Cactus, the only exception is in Sun City if you’re in the Sun City Association, and if you know anyone in LD 22 please contact them to sign the Petition and ask all of you who’ve read or viewed posts to sign the petition, it only takes a minute on your computer or smartphone, let’s join together to Restore Election Security.

Below are my plans and positions to resolve some of the problems I’ve identified for AZ Voters.  If you have questions regarding my experience, intentions or qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll respond ASAP to your request. 

I’m inviting our guests to look at my Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/AZ4America1st ), and check our posts with Videos that cover many issues ( you can also use the FB Button on the Top Right of the Page)

We’ve been speaking to groups in LD 22 and Valley, and I’ve polled hundreds of voters with 50% saying they plan to for me, most taking cards to give to others.  I trust these Activist Republicans as they want a Candidate not controlled by GOP Party Bosses, Lobbyist’s and Special Interest groups. 

Voters continue to ask for my advice on what candidates to vote for in response to my posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, FB, GAB, Rumble, Codias, and MeWe.  Some of the questions are regarding how to be Informed Voters, make good decisions on Candidates Positions and on who’s Word you can Trust

I’m a retired Businessman with a background in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Property Management, and Broadcasting.  The knowledge and experience I gained in these Fields will be beneficial in the AZ Senate in writing Legislation and gaining support for it from others.  I have the management, planning and negotiating skills needed to fix the problems in the including Voter Registration, Early Ballots, and Ballot Harvesting which are Directly Responsible for the outcome of the 2020 Election Fraud .  I will work diligently to protect All Voters Rights.

AZ’s present Election system is Broken to say the least, and We must Pass Legislation to completely Revamp Our AZ Election Laws, this will Guarantee a Fair & Free Election Process , our God Granted Right to Vote is the very Foundation of our Republic and must be Protected to Guarantee us a Our God Granted Rights, and if we don’t then the United States of America will cease to exist as we know it and continue it’s Long Time Slide into a Totally Socialist Marxist Nation and this will Enslave Us and All Future Generations to come.

Questions asked me by Voters;

  1. What is the single biggest issue facing the Voters, and how would you address it?  My Response; Have an Honest Election Process to give the Voters Trust in the Process again.  I’d put forth legislation to Amend the Voting Rules on Ballot Harvesting, turning in Early Ballots, Signature Verification, and end using Federal Registration Forms as no Proof of Birth is Required.   

2.Who are you Accountable to? Why or why not?

I believe if you’re Elected to office then you’re accountable to Voters and not to Politicians or Parties, this prevents Political Pressure from any Elected Officials who may put their own Re Election or party interests above those of the Voters, which happened in the past and is happening presently.  Examples of this are AZ’s State Board of Education appointed by the Governor, AZ’s Education is rated 47th, they’re more concerned with Indoctrinating our Children with Common Core rather than Educating them. Political Appointments of Political Cronies don’t serve the Voters as Past & Present History proves.

.3. What should emergency voting look like in AZ?

The Recorder presently has no authority, it was given to Supervisors because of present recorders misuse, however believe it should be restored before the next election cycle if the present recorder is removed in the General Election, and then with Supervisor’s & Voters input make the necessary changes..  

4. Should elections officials move toward all-mail elections? No

Why or Why not? The Mail In System isn’t Secure for several reasons in AZ, Primary reason the Federal Registration Form requires No Proof of Citizenship and isn’t Audited, Ballot Harvesting both leave the Door Wide Open for Voter Fraud, as Fontez mailed out Early Ballots to Voters who never requested them creating yet another ave. for Voter Fraud, we must secure Voter rolls to be up to date guaranteeing that everyone on the Rolls are still living at the Residence and in fact are still living these are a few of the reasons I don’t agree with All Mail In Elections, and actually like to see only Absentee Ballots and all other Voting done in person at the Polls, even if we have to extend Polls being opened with Early Voting at the Polls One Week before Election Day. I’ll be submitting Legislation or amending Laws that better regulate Voter Registration and Ballot Collection.
I won’t support All Mail In Elections, as I believe the Socialists would use it to Dissolve Our Republic, just as they’re in Favor of the National Popular Vote meaning Majority Rule or Ca., NY, Penn, etc. would decide who sits in the White House and gets on the Supreme Court.

5. Should we pass Legislation to Protect the Children in All Schools from the New Tool now being used to Indoctrinate them which is the Critical Race Theory:

We must pass legislation to Protect All Children from this and all other forms of Indoctrination and also Mandate a return to the Basics of Math, History, English, Science, and also set up classes in the Trades to prepare Our Children for the jobs they have the skills and desires to do rather than what some in the system decide as we know not all of us or our Children are wired for College, this must be done to Better Prepare them of the Real World we all Live In. We must also realize that we pay the Taxes that pay the Bills to Educate our Children and to allow their future to be decided exclusively by those we hire must End.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Clair’s Interview on Channel 3 in the 2018 campaign:

I enjoyed this interview with what I consider a very Professional & Objective Reporter in my 2020 campaign for Maricopa County Recorder, which as most Conservatives know are hard to find.  She was considerate and thoughtful in her questioning, and even though the original interview was much longer than 3 minutes, the editing was objective and fair and we enjoyed the entire experience.  Clair’s Interview on Channel 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRF3xKZZAmc, to view more videos go to the Video page or click the you tube symbol and then sit back and view, and take a look at this; Clair speaking at AZ Legislature Committee Meetings giving Office Holders some advice on truly representing the people about the National Popular Vote, and not received well by the Committee.

Voters’ distrust is due to the Institutional Voter Fraud allowed within the elections operating systems.  However, just fixing the Voting systems and Laws won’t fix all Voter Fraud, we’ll still have no control over the Fraud committed on the Voters long before the First Ballot is cast by many who run for office

Let’s examine the definition of Fraud which is an Act of deceiving or misrepresenting: A person who is not what he or she pretends to be is called, Trickery, Misleading, and Lying.  Trickery, specifically Deceit:  intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value, (such as your Vote).

This type of Voter Fraud can only be corrected by a Well Informed Electorate, and now more than ever we must all strive to be informed and to inform others as well.  One Perfect example of Voter Fraud that’s been committed by several now holding office and up for Re Election is they Supported and Voted 4 the NPV (National Popular Vote), all the Liberal Democrat’s in AZ must ask those running for Re Election if they’ll still Vote 4 NPV exposing the Fraud they perpetrated on the Voters just years ago, and yes I’m speaking of Republican Incumbents who are still in Office in 2022.

I’ve set up Operational Systems in Businesses.
I’ll  Sound  Election Laws with Enforcement  to carry them out. Goals are to Pass Laws so our  Voting System is completely Transparent for Voters Trust, encourages Higher Voter Participation. I’ll Operate my duties Honestly, Efficiently, Safeguarding the Rights of All AZ Voters.  This isn’t a Political Issue I assure you, I will Insure Your Right to Vote includes it being Counted.  

Laws must ensure voters are qualified to register to Vote on an Arizona Form and guarantee those who Register new voters follow our laws as stated.  Currently, Proof of Citizenship isn’t Required on the Federal Form, which Socialist Democrats use and unfortunately, the AZ ‘s SOS, AG & Gov signed Off on

I support the following:

To qualify to register to Vote on an Arizona Form and guarantee those who Register new voters follow our laws , as stated, however Proof of Citizenship isn’t Required on the Federal Form and the Socialist Dems use it as AZ AG & Gov signed Off on It, these two are a piece of work.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen with Proof of Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport.
  • Must be a resident of the Arizona county listed on your registration.
  • Must be at least 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election.
  • Will be disqualified from Voting with felony conviction(s). until cleared with paperwork or Legislature amends laws.
  • Will be disqualified from Voting if declared “incompetent” by a court.

These Laws are simple to understand and easy to follow, as the U.S. Constitution and AZ Law both require U. S. Citizenship to Vote, with No Exceptions.  The U.S.Constitution guarantees the Rights of Every U.S. Citizen, with the Right to Vote being one of them.  Amendments XIV, XXIV, and XXVI, clearly state that it’s a Right for U.S. Citizens Only and Early Voting is a Prime Example of Voter Fraud and must be Ended.

Voter Roles must be updated, Unidentifiable Voters Signatures removed (this change would have made Thousands of Primary Votes Count in 2018), as well as the deceased, moved or those without Proof of Citizenship.

To prevent Fraud in Future AZ Elections and Correct the Institutional Voter Fraud that’s Built into the System, I pledge to End Ballot Harvesting in AZ, by sponsoring Bills in the State Senate and or amending Laws that will clearly prevent any form of Ballot Harvesting.  We must also consider Ending or at the very least, Shortening Early Voting, and get Voter ID for All AZ Voters.

I agree with President Trumps response to a question on Mail In or Early Voting.  Link to the Video   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oNjNh-6cKc76S4L74BV971fuN8bfYFgv/view?fbclid=IwAR2p4RCgLC7MPRiajJ2JYMv08oeUUF8JMYWO2xTjOwHV0haLYBSo_pPm_2k

All U.S. Citizens Your Right to Vote will not be Abridged by any State Law, as it’s a God Granted Right and this is the Rule of Law and supersedes all others.

Education: We must bring conservative values back to education. Our children deserve to be Educated, Not Indoctrinated, bring back academic achievement, keep our schools open, deliver the Education Our Children need to have a Real Future. 

We must have English Emersion not Bi Lingual as Bi Lingual limits and lowers the Bar for All Students by at least 2 to 1 and this can’t be acceptable to any Parent who wants their Children’s Future to provide a Real Promise rather than just more Politically correct nonsense that promises the World and only delivers Pain.

We must prevent AZ Schools throughout the State teaching CRT / Project 1619 as these are false and will only lead to Dividing Our Young People by their Ethnic Background rather than their American Promise of All Men are Created Equal, and allow their Achievements to be dictated by their Talents not some Racist Theory of Hate & Division, remember One Nation Under God, United We’ll Stand and Divided we’ll FALL, so let’s Stand together for Freedom & Hope for All.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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